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Donald Standen Actor Model Lookalike



Donald Standen is an international EQUITY/SAG Actor, bringing a wealth of experience from Stage, TV, Events and Film. A natural improvisation actor and presenter with good comedy timing. Classic and tall, ideal for leading male roles.


Donald started out in the entertainment business in 1984 as a model, working with some female models such as Yasmin Le Bon, Jerry Hall, Kelly Brook and Sophie Anderton. After landing a number of TV commercials he was personally chosen by Christopher Reeve to stand-in and double for him on the movie Superman IV. With encouragement from Mr Reeve he went on to pursue an acting career, and so attended the Lost Theatre for improvisation classes and the Actor Centre for workshops (London). Following his training he was cast as main roles in theatre for plays such as Harold Pinters `The Dumb Waiter’ and `The Private Ear, to musical parts in Moby Dick The Musical (Cameron MacKintosh) and a Pantomine Production of Beauty and the Beast (Playing the Prince/Beast).


Donald has been cast in many TV commercials (150+ worldwide over 25 years) with well known clients such as Snickers, MacDonald’s, Dewers Whiskey, Tchibo, Persil and Lynx for Men. More recently he has appeared on UK Television in commercials for Churchill Insurance, SKY and internet commercials for Sanyo Xacti Camera’s and Magnum Mini’s (with Eva Longoria). He also works with a Russian Director, who has repeatedly cast him in commercials for Russian products (including roles as a Presenter). 


Often cast as a Superhero type and with the old Hollywood looks he landed roles in television from Highlander to Dick & Dom, and in Films such as Captain America and Crazy Six, alongside actors such as Burt Reynolds, Rob Lowe and Sean Connery and worked with noted directors such as Michael Winner and Guy Ritchie. At 6 ‘ 4 “ with an athletic build and a strong resemblance to a younger Sean Connery he was chosen by Mr Connery to play alongside him in a TV Commercial for the Far East. Interestingly Donald was seen for the role of James Bond (before Pierce Brosnan was chosen). 


Donald appeared as a main character in the film `Sophies Fortune', working with a talented cast and crew lead by Director Chris Cronin and produced by Phil Meacham. He was in a film `Ripper' as Bruce Wayne/Batman Victorian era character produced by Adam Bouabda, directed by James Campbell. Working alongside Bill Fellows, Jacob Anderton and Bruce Payne (Passenger 57).

Donald is a Creative Events Manager, Events host and Corporate Entertainer. He ran a business delivering James Bond and Superhero themed events. He is also an experienced presenter/host and is responsible for other lookalikes at events, team theatrical show choreography/direction plus costumes and props. 

For Casting Directors: Please see full CV including skills and measurements via

                                       Copy of CV in PDF format here: CV Donald Standen 2016


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